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TiranaWorkshop II

proposed readings: 


Besnik Aliaj, A Short History of Housing and Urban Development Models during 1945-1990 


Kiril Stanilov, Housing trends in Central and Eastern European cities during and after the period of transition (extract on former-state residential complexes)


Ines Weizman, The destruction of participation... and of housing in Leipzig-Grunau 


Doina Petrescu, How to reclaim the common? 


Evangelia Balla, Maria Mantouvalou, Fereniki Vatavali, Housing production, ownership and globalization:social aspects of changes

in Greece and Albania 


Wim Cuyvers, Tirana-Mercedes, houses and rubbish 


Loukas Triantis, Urban Change and the production of space: The case of urban renewal in Tirana (2000-2008) 


Bernd Vlay, Sokratis Stratis,  Making Complicities, Expanding the project's terittory [PDF]    
Pelin Tan, Tophane, the Closing in of an Istanbul Neighbourhood    [PDF    

Pelin Tan, Neighborhood Resistances and Possibilities of Counter- Cultural Urban Spaces in Istanbul




















also visit tiranaworkshop library

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