TiranaWorkshop II


The Study Area is located in western Tirana and is surrounded by Lana River (south), the second ring road (east), an informal housing zone (north) and a former industrial zone of an evolving character (west). It is crossed by Kavaja Str., one of the main axes of the Albanian capital with commercial and mixed uses. 


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Maps and Aerial photos:  Tirana Map [dwg] [pdf]
  Tirana Aerial Photo 
  Study Area Close up
  Map of Tirana city (1957)
Thematic maps:   Existing Land Uses Map
(material from Tirana Regulatory Plan, by URBAPLAN and Tirana Municipality)  Urban Expansion Map

Informal Areas Map


Population Distribution Map


Population Densities Map

  Socio-Economic Structure Map

Urban Typologies Map


Urban Structure Map


New Economic Activities Map 


Regulatory Plan Map


Regulatory Plan (extracts on former-state housing)