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tiranaworkshop10_notebook is a collection of links, videos, images, quotes etc.; in other words instances from the vast amount of information

already out there. Their selection is based on the strong relations and loose connections they present with the theme of the workshop. 

Issue 23 of




"Commons are not simply resources we share – conceptualizing the commons involves three things at the same time. First, all commons involve some sort of common pool resources, understood as non-commodified means of fulfilling peoples needs. Second, the commons are necessarily created and sustained by communities and third and most important, commons are always based on commoning – the social process that creates and reproduces the commons."

 magazine / commons / anarchitecture  / public space / 

European Academy of the Urban Environment 

Some results of a research project and the outcome of two conferences on the topic of large housing estates are presented on these pages


 study / declaration / housing / statistics / socialist / prefabricated / 

Fertile Delay

by Stefano Boeri

Introductory text by S.Boeri on the 38th_ZAGREB_SALON_[architecture|2003] speaking of the effects of transition in architecture of Croatia and asking questions that can be relevant in the Albanian case as well. 


 text / statement / boeri / croatia / delay / intro /exhibition / 

Tirana Municipality 

history, projects and politics of tirana municipality

 web site / administration / municipality / rama / 

The Right to Adequate Housing 

Collection of text on the Right for Adequate Housing from the University of Minesota


 web site / texts / housing / rights 

Spatial Agency 

Spatial Agency is an ongoing research project that aims to shift the of focus of architectural discourse from one that is centred around the design (= building) and making (= technology) of buildings to one where architecture is understood as a situated and embedded praxis conscious of and working with its social, economic and political context.

 web site / texts / housing / rights  



Panelák (Czech: [ˈpänɛlaːk]) is a colloquial term in Czech and Slovak for a panel building constructed of pre-fabricated, pre-stressed concrete, such as those extant in Czech Republic and elsewhere in the former Soviet blocPanelák[plural: paneláky] is derived from the standard Czechpanelový dům or Slovakpanelový dom meaning, literally, "panel house / prefabricated-sections house." The buildings remain a towering, highly visible reminder of the Communist era.

 wikipedia / panel / concrete / prefabricated / housing / utopia / socialist / 

Redesign of a housing building in France by Lacaton & Vassal

New floors, built as a self-supporting structure, are added on the periphery of the existing building at every floor, to extend the living rooms, create closeable terrasses and balconies. The existing facades with small windows will be removed and replaced by large transparent openings, so that the inhabitants will profit of the exceptionnal view on Paris all around.

lacaton / vassal / reuse / redesign / housing / extensions / 

Density publications

a+t Publication series on Density presenting new projects with analytical perspective and interesting diagrams.  

density / books / diagrams / projects / housing / 

Studies of Existing Structures 

Image from an Arch Daily Interview on an architectural project in Johannesburg which deals with informality.  


documentation / existing / diagrams / projects / informal housing / 

Michael Hardt presentation on 

Common Wealth Book 

Complete Lecture + Discussion @ European Social Forum in Malmö 2008 - What are the prospects for social and political transformation in the age of Empire, and the possibilities of creating alternatives within and beyond contemporary power configurations? Author Michael Hardt dicusses the political challenges of today, in relation to the forthcoming book "Common Wealth" (with Antonio Negri). See also.


hardt / negri / common wealth / video / youtybe / empire / 

Europan Competition 

European Competition dealing with specific areas and sites in many european cities. 


map / europan / competition / architecture / map / website /  

Pelin Tan's Blog

The "spatial distance" of everyday life is something that makes it difficult to position our being and knit the social paths. What I mean by “social paths” here is “living together”. My relation to myself and to the "other" is defined through the spatial organization determined by economic and political decisions. 

blog / spatial practices / politics / art / activism / istanbul /   

Istanbul Municipality 

Regeneration project




 istanbul / regeneration / gentrification /  

Districts of Fener Balat Rehabilitation Project

Municipality regeneration project in Istanbul



 istanbul / regeneration / gentrification /  

Urban Age Conference in Istanbul



urban age net / istanbul / regeneration / gentrification / conference /   

Convertible City 

Convertible City is a research project that explores strategies to convert Joburg’s lines of division – its physical and mental boundaries - into places of positive social exchange. Urban boundaries could be considered a result of “disintegration” (social, functional, legal, economic, cultural, political, both historic and contemporary) in combination with the imperatives of rapid urban growth

Ivan Cucina / urbanity / workshop / research / students 




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